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In case you haven't noticed, in our modern liberal secular culture... the Bible is being
New Easy To Follow Course Teaches Christians How To Strengthen Their Faith And Skillfully Defend The Bible Against Skeptics and Critics Even If You Have No Formal Training In This Area!
New “Crash Course” For Beginners Teaches You How To Answer The 10 Most Common Objections Against the Bible… In 91 Minutes Flat
ATTENTION: All Christians who take their faith seriously and are worried about our culture...
If you are the kind of Christian who takes their faith seriously then you must read this important letter.

The reason why is because many influential celebrities, “documentaries,” and TV shows are undermining the Christian faith by attacking the credibility of the Bible.

They say things like "the Gospels are myth", "Jesus never really existed", "All the stories about Jesus have been corrupted" and so on....

Needless to say, these attacks on the Bible DISCREDIT CHRISTIANITY and steer people away believing it.
This billboard displayed in New York is yet another example of how the credibility of the Bible is being undermined in our culture. These attacks steer many people away from believing in Christianity. 
Many celebrities in the media attack the Bible as historically inaccurate, full of "myths" and so on. It is critical that Christians learn how to intelligently answer these claims.
And we are now seeing some of the DAMAGING effects...
The majority of Christian kids are leaving their faith during their high school and college years.
One of the reasons why is because kids are often being taught things like “the Bible is not historically reliable”, that it is all “based on pagan myths” and that it is “full of contradictions”.

And to make matters worse, most churches aren’t doing anything to fight this problem.

So if you don’t know how to deal with this problem, its’ not your fault. 
That is, until now. This is what I do so help is on the way...
The Easiest, Most Practical Method of Defending the Bible Is Right Here
The Ultimate Guide To Showing Why The Bible is RIGHT...
This quick little How To Defend The Bible course will teach you how to answer the 10 most common objections against the Bible... fast.
Because it is so critical that Christians know how to respond to these challenges, I decided to make a quick and simple course to help the average person get “up to speed” on addressing this problem. 

Now the whole goal of my company is to teach everyday Christians like you how to defend what I call “traditional old-school orthodox Christianity” and help them better understand the reasons behind their faith.

And the purpose of this particular course is to teach Christians how to defend the Bible against the most common skeptical objections today.

This topic is obviously very important, so I spent several years researching this topic, taking a lot of notes, and I personally consulted a lot of other experts in this area as well (More on that below).

Once I finished all of this research, I then gathered up all of this material and shrunk it down into...
A Simplified, Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Course On How To Defend The Bible In Our Contemporary Culture
Now you certainly could go out and do all of this yourself, you could read HUNDREDS of pages of academic texts and books, or go through YEARS of expensive university classes like I have...


Watch this simple and short video series that will give you everything you need to know about this topic in a little over an hour.
Here's Just a LITTLE of what you'll discover…
  • Learn the top 10 reasons why people reject the Bible today, and why they are all wrong.
  • Simple ways to correct all of the hype, misinformation, and "trash talk" you hear about the Bible on TV.
  • How to deal with the problem of the so-called “evil and immoral God of the Old Testament”
  • What to say to those who argue, “The New Testament text has been so corrupted it can’t be trusted.”
  • How to respond to those who claim that, “We don't even know who wrote the Gospels"
  • Why the evidence shows that the New Testament is historically trustworthy and why those who say otherwise commit a fundamental error in logic. 
  • Why the statement “The Gospels weren’t even written by eyewitnesses” is not only false, but has nothing to do with what really matters anyway!
  • You’ll learn what the #1 objection against Jesus is today and how to debunk it.
  • What to say to people who think the New Testament writers were "biased" and so can't be trusted.
  • And more...
I Can't Overstate How Important This Is...
There are many people today, literally leaving Christianity, or just avoiding it completely, precisely because of these sorts of false ideas they heard about the Bible somewhere!

It’s sad but they really are just walking around in ignorance.

You see, people aren’t typically exposed to good information about Jesus and the Bible anymore. Instead, everything they know about Jesus comes from what they have seen in the media or heard from some liberal college professor. 

And it’s all a bunch of garbage.

People need to hear the other side for a change.

They need to hear…
The Truth About The Bible And Why The Most
Common Objections Against It FAIL
This course is perfect for Christian teens, parents, adults, religion teachers, homeschoolers, Sunday school teachers, Catechism teachers, or anyone else who wants to know the truth about the Bible.
Don't let the small size (91 minutes in fact) fool you.

This really is everything you need to know about answering the main objections against the Bible today, explained in plain English so that you can start understanding this material as quickly as possible.
Made For Complete Beginners.
No Previous Experience Needed.
There's no technical jargon or weird academic vocabulary here. I'm not here to talk over everybody’s heads. I’m a down to earth kind of person and I want to make this material as easy to follow as possible.
You will be able to understand it. It's really a whole lot easier than you think.

Imagine…in just 91 minutes, you can know “the basics” of this crucial topic and gain important benefits like:
The How To Defend the Bible program is perfect for all Christian teens and parents.
  • Help yourself, your family, and your friends all become stronger in their faith.
  • Become conversant on important topics
  • Give your faith an air of sophistication
  • Learn skills you can use your whole life long.
  • Pass this knowledge down as a treasure to later generations.
  • Start your own study group at your church.
  • Help your unbelieving friends and family members see the Bible in a different light.
  • Help your kids gain the edge against any skeptics that will challenge them later in life.
  • Separate yourself from the ordinary by taking on a learned, scholarly approach to the Bible.
  • And So Much More...
Why It's Just $7
If you're thinking, "$7 is so cheap! What's the catch?" There is none.
I've devoted my life to helping Christians understand how to deepen their faith and to be prepared to answer challenges from atheists, skeptics, and unbelievers and I know every Christian desperately needs this course. That’s why I'm willing to do this for you.

So if you're serious about defending the Bible in our culture and would like to have a short, easy to follow course that will help do that, then click the “Add To Cart” button below. Once you do you'll be taken through our secure checkout process and you'll be able to access this course immediately through our online classroom.

If you need to justify the expense, just skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.
Why You Can't Put This Off...
Wise people don’t put off important things. Some things are so serious and important that they demand our attention and response.
This course is precisely one of those things.

This is an awesome course and, for right now at least, it’s at such a dirt cheap price you just can’t lose.

What good reason is there to wait?
About The Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan, PhD.
As Seen On...
Dr. Sullivan has appeared on the EWTN television network and is a frequent guest on Christian radio stations across the country.

Scott M. Sullivan, PhD.

Dr. Scott M. Sullivan is a homeschooling father of 8 and holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. He is the author of An Introduction To Traditional Logic, St. Thomas Aquinas and the Principle of Sufficient Reason, and is also the founder of Classical Theist productions, a company devoted to teaching the Christian intellectual tradition and making it accessible through modern technologies.
"Dr. Sullivan is one of the people you really need to start paying attention to... He's coming out with some of the best products on evangelization and learning the Faith that I've ever seen... There is no doubt in my mind, I mean NO DOUBT, that Dr. Sullivan is going to become one of the leading apologists when it comes to really equipping people to defend the faith." 
- Deacon Harold Burke Sivers
Radio Personality and EWTN Series Host
“Scott Sullivan is one of the best kept secrets in the Church and is a breath of fresh air. When I see all these effeminate men in the body of Christ, it is good to meet someone like Scott who is normal, tough, physical and loves JESUS. He’s the yoked out & buffed out version of Peter Kreeft. His presentations are going to take the Church by storm. He is the real deal.”
- Jesse Romero
Noted public speaker, syndicated
Radio personality, and evangelist
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How To Defend The Bible "Cheat Sheet": Get this beautiful How To Defend the Bible "Cheat Sheet" where you can easily see a summary of the course material at a simple glance. Instant download.
How To Defend The Bible Study Guide: Get this professionally laid out How To Defend The Bible Study Guide to help you work your way through the DVD material. Available on instant download.
Free Bonus Video #1
Defending the New Testament: Interview with Craig Evans PhD. Dr. Evans is one of the most highly regarded New Testament scholars in North America and in this interview Dr. Evans will tell you why many of the objections against the Bible today fail.
Free Bonus Video #2
Defending the New Testament: Interview with Michael Licona PhD: Dr. Licona is a widely respected New Testament scholar and expert on the resurrection of Jesus and in this interview Dr Licona addresses some common objections against the core beliefs of Christianity
Free Bonus Video #3
Defending the New Testament: Interview with Craig Blomberg PhD. Dr. Blomberg is a widely respected scholar who literally wrote the book on “The Historical Reliability of the Gospels” and in this interview he summarizes that important work for you.
Free Bonus #6: How To Defend The Bible Course on Audio...
In addition to everything else, you'll also get instant access to this entire course on audio too, so that you can listen and learn while on the treadmill or during your drive to work! 
Get instant online access to this entire course which includes all videos, all lessons on audio, all bonus videos, the study guide and course "cheat sheet."
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