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“The Most Complete, Practical, And Helpful
BJJ Training Series
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Jam-Packed With The Practical “Must-Knows” Of Grappling
If you are like many people, you want to be able to take care of yourself should the need arise. But as numerous fights, police statistics, and common experience have all shown – like it or not…
Mario Roberto "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia"
Mario has now compiled a home training set for you that is the result of all his YEARS of hard work, training, and perfecting various techniques and strategies.
“Many Real Fights End Up On the Ground.”
First simple fact to be learned: Taking care of yourself on the street means you gotta know how to take care of yourself on the floor. So whatever you want to call it: “grappling”, “submission wrestling”, “groundfighting” or whatever – BEING ABLE TO FIGHT ON THE GROUND IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT BE WITHOUT!


So it goes without saying then, that…
“Anyone Serious About Winning a Real Fight Must Have Some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training.”
Being ignorant about how to fight on the ground is simply not an option for anyone who is even halfway serious about fighting, self defense and martial arts.

But learning BJJ takes time because there are A LOT OF TECHNIQUES TO LEARN. How can you learn all of this stuff in a fast and efficient way? That’s where this new product comes in. Introducing…
Meet black belt Mario Roberto
"The Most Complete DVD Training Set Ever Made for Learning
How to Fight On the Ground."
Meet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Mario Roberto.

Many have only known him so far as the “voice” on the many popular Marcelo Garcia videos; but what a lot of people don’t know is that Mario Roberto is arguably one of the top BJJ instructors in the US!
Simple; his PASSION, CLARITY AND the EFFECTIVENESS of what he teaches.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1978, Mario Roberto has been involved with martial arts since his early childhood. Mario has more than 15 titles in sport Jiu-Jitsu, and was ranked number one in his division in 1993 and 1994 by LINJJI and has been fortunate enough to train at some of the top schools in Brazil.

Mario has now compiled a home training set for you that is the result of all his YEARS of hard work,
training, and perfecting various techniques and strategies.

His special set of techniques have been perfected and proven effective in the tough grappling scene of Brazil. And now for the first time Mario has generously provided a way for you to learn a ton of the life saving tactics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

There is so much here that you absolutely do not want to be without it.
Just Look At All of the Highly Important Information that You Will Learn On this Mega-Sized TEN DVD INSTRUCTIONAL SET:
This is a COMPREHENSIVE, VERY THOROUGH 10 DVD TRAINING SET geared towards getting you “up to speed” on ALL THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES OF GROUND GRAPPLING. Nowhere else will you find so many techniques, explained in such WORLD CLASS DETAIL as you will RIGHT HERE in this series.
This Set Contains Over Eight Hours of Instruction and is Literally Overflowing with an Unprecedented and Incredible Amount of Training Information
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-1 Disc-1
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • BJJ Takedown Theory for the Street: How to “close the gap” and take that man down without getting busted up!
  • BJJ takedowns that Work: for that “dark alley” like the “Baiana” and the “Cinturada”
  • Two ways to armbar someone from the mount and ways to defend against this move.
  • Two ways to get the “ezechiel choke”, and how to defend against it
  • The all powerful cross choke and how to defend it.
  • Getting the back mount (aka. “back grab”) position.
  • How to apply the arm triangle
  • The Americana lock and defense
  • The “aggressive way to mount”
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-2 Disc-2
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • Ways to Attack Your Opponent from Side Control (Including the “Brabo” Choke)
  • How To Attack Your Opponent from the “North-South” position and how to escape from it
  • Ways to Attack Your Opponent When you Have His Back and How to Escape when someone has yours!
  • 3 Ways to Escape the Dreaded Mount
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-3 Disc-3
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • How to apply standard armbars as well as the tricky “escalating” armbar
  • How to execute the kimura lock and how to get out if you get stuck in this lock!
  • How to trash your opponents shoulder with the “omoplata” lock and how to defend against it
  • How to attack with a triangle choke and two ways to defend against it
  • The all mighty Guillotine choke and the defense against it
  • Various attacks from the guard
  • How to capture someone’s back from
    your guard
  • The sneaky “Ezechiel choke” and how to defend it
  • How to correctly apply the arm triangle
  • How to execute the inverted arm bar
  • How to defend the armbar from guard
  • Two defenses against the cross choke
  • How to attack with a cross choke
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-4 Disc-4
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • Knee in stomach attacks (kimura, armbar, cross choke, collar choke, nutcracker
  • How to apply killer footlocks, kneebars, and toe holds
  • 6 great half guard moves from the bottom position
  • 3 ways to pass the “half guard”
  • How to escape from leglocks
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-5 Disc-5
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • How to “breakfall” properly so you don’t get hurt when falling or being thrown
  • How to structure a class or workout
  • How to execute the best judo throws for jiu jitsu
  • Condtioning tips for improving your BJJ
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-6 Disc-6
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • Basic Drills to develop your “open guard” skills
  • Ways to Break Open A Closed Guard
  • Several ways to pass the guard and get a dominant position
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-7 Disc-7
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • Numerous ways to choke, takedown, armlock, and back mount someone when they are “balled up” in the “turtle” position
  • How to choke someone with “the “crucifix” move
  • Ways to defend yourself and sweep your opponent when you are on the bottom in
    the turtle position
  • How to escape from the crucifix choke
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-8 Disc-8
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • How to sweep an opponent from the guard with the arm drag sweep, bridge sweep, and various outer hook sweeps.
  • How to sweep an opponent from the guard with the “belt and knee” sweep
  • How to sweep an opponent from the guard with the butterfly sweep
  • How to sweep an opponent from the guard with a hook sweep
  • How to execute the highly useful “tripod sweeps”.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-9 Disc-9
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • Quick and effective ways to escape from side control
  • How to use the “sideways side control”
  • How to keep someone down in side control
  • Awesome attacks from sideways side
  • How to escape from sideways side control
  • Mounting tactics
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia
Volume-10 Disc-10
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • Wrestling takedowns like the “double leg” and single leg
  • Learn the wrestler’s sprawl and “go behind”
  • Fundamental strategies for tying a striker up in a clinch
  • How to get out of various “streetfighter” holds like the headlock
  • How to best strike an opponent from the mounted position
  • The standing guillotine and the defense against it
  • How to strike from the guard – both top and bottom
  • How to execute leg chops and “bicycle kicks” from the guard
  • How to best strike an opponent from the knee on belly position
Mastering this Material Will Enable You To Dominate On The Ground And Make You Capable of Outmaneuvering, Outsmarting and Outgrappling The Typical “Punk Troublemaker” or “Streetfighter”
Knowing This Stuff Will Make You Feel Right at Home When A Fight “Hits the Floor“

Hopefully you will never have to defend yourself, but if you do and the fight goes to the floor (as they usually do) – your opponent will likely be flopping around like a “fish out of water” – unsure of what to do – while you remain focused and sharp as you stop him cold with a collar choke, footlock, armbar, or whatever else presents itself.

But let’s get something straight right now…

Who this video is NOT for:

Fancy BJJ “tournament” style players who want the latest fancy and complicated “super duper spinning helicopter sweep” (in other words, stuff that will get you KILLED in a real fight).

Who this video IS for:

Anyone who wants to learn how to fight FOR REAL on the ground. Whether it be in an MMA cage or a back alley, this video will show you WHAT REALLY WORKS when faced with a big strong ox of a man who is bent on pulverizing your face.
“Mario Roberto Has Helped Me Tremendously…”
TRAVIS WIUFF Professional MMA Fighter UFC / Pride / IFL Veteran
“Without a doubt, Mario Roberto is one of the sharpest instructors out there and his new dvd series is
simply the best I have seen.”
“I’ve been fortunate enough to have known Mario Roberto for a number of years.

I can honestly say that his courtesy, expertise, professionalism, skill, and talent are unmatched in the field.

Moreover, the great thing about this set is that it is soooo full of PRACTICAL techniques that will work in a real fight.

I’ve been involved in BJJ for over a decade and I myself have learned quite a lot from it.
There is enough material here to keep one busy practicing for years.

The material reflects Mario’s vast martial arts knowledge. Here you will find basic wrestling techniques included to make up for the deficiencies in BJJ takedowns and the self-defense section (something often lacking in “sport” BJJ videos) is top notch.

This is now THE COURSE I am recommending to all of my students.”

— Scott “Bam Bam” Sullivan Muay Thai Instructor/ BJJ Black Belt Chief Instructor: Bam Bam Martial Arts – Houston, TX.
“Mario Roberto Is By Far Second to None…”
— TOMMY “THE FARMBOY” SPEER Professional MMA Fighter UFC & WEC Veteran Ultimate
Fighter 6 Finalist Alright, how much?
This DVD set of over ten hours of top notch martial arts instruction so vitally important for your personal safety normally will go for $247, but since this is a brand new product that we are anxious to get in as many hands as possible, for a limited time the whole set is now available for only $97. (Using the coupon code above)   Such a ONE TIME EXPENSE is a SMALL PRICE TO PAY for a LIFETIME of SECURITY and CONFIDENCE
And because we really believe in this program and are convinced it will help you, we are willing to throw in a BUNCH OF FREE STUFF along with it.

So when you purchase the whole set, you are also going to receive these THREE FANTASTIC BONUS ITEMS for ABSOLUTELY FREE:
“Introduction To Mixed Martial Arts” By Mario Roberto M.D.
It’s simply a fact that the most important and primary martial arts for MMA are boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.   While many people teach these arts in isolation, Mario Roberto will show you in this video how they work for MMA. Some things from these arts work and some don’t. With this video, you will begin to know the difference by learning things like:
  • How to do the proper MMA stance: Why you should NOT stand like a boxer or wrestler for MMA
  • Learn the importance of stiking properly for MMA (how to throw an MMA jab, hook, etc.)
  • Learn fundamental MMA striking drills, strategies and the importance of creating angles. Understand basic MMA clinch tactics
  • Get the basics of MMA takedowns such as the tackle, the “flair” and “running the pipe”
  • Submission techniques to quickly end a fight
With the insights presented here, YOU will learn how to PROPERLY INTEGRATE and APPLY these various arts in a smooth and realistic fashion.
“Putting the “B” in “BJJ”: A Grapplers Guide to the Portuguese Language” By Mario Roberto M.D.
Stop being an outsider! Learn some Portuguese NOW!This text covers words, slang and expressions that are commonly used in a grappling environment.   That’s it: you’ve made it to the Mundial finals. Your opponent: the toughest grappler Brazil has to offer. You are evenly matched, but you are confident that you can do this; you can beat this guy.   That’s probably what your coach is telling you right now. It’s hard to say, since in the midst of all the excitement he has unfortunately reverted to his native Portuguese language. Not that it matters, since his voice is being drowned out by dozens of screaming Brazilians on the sidelines… all of them coaching against you.   
You hope and pray that they are talking about the weather.. You’ve never felt so “gringo” in your whole life.   This FREE 60+ page e-book: “Putting the B in BJJ: A Grappler’s Guide to the Portuguese Language” will provide you with everything you need.
“Mario Roberto’s Intensive BJJ Seminar: Gi and No-Gi Techniques”
This seminar was AWESOME and JAM PACKED with techniques that will take your grappling skills to the next level. Now can own the video to learn great techniques like:
  • Side control explosive guillotine
  • Top position arm inside guillotine
  • Top position roll through guillotine
  • Inside leg control series
  • Rocking chair sweeps
  • Advanced armbars from the guard
  • Arm drag armbar
  • Overhook armbar
  • Old school armbar
  • Shin to the body armbar
  • Head & shoulders armbar
  • Roll over armbar
  • Outside leg control series
  • Tomahawk sweep
  • Head tilt sweep
  • Ankle elevator
  • J-Up Sweep
  • Spinning Top Sweep
  • Taking the Back
  • Guillotine variations
  • Shoulder Roll Sweep
  • Hip Thrust Knee Bar
  • Unorthodox Back Control Attacks
  • Pinned Down Armbar
  • Inverted Triangles
  • H-Bar to toe hold
  • 10-finger guillotine
  • Side control chin strap guillotine
This FREE BONUS DVD will be a great asset to your growing list of grappling skills!
Still not sure? Ask yourself this –

If you aren’t going to start learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu HERE AND NOW, just WHERE and WHEN are you going to learn it?
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