Discover One Of The Easiest And Most Compelling Proofs For The Existence Of God
The Complete Beginner's Course To Proving That God Exists Through Morality
"A Brand New Course For Beginners On How  To Prove That God Exists"
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If you are Christian who is serious about their faith then this will be one of the most important messages you will read from me.
Here's why. ..

The question of the existence of God is the most important question a person can think about. 

The reason why is because how you answer that question can have a HUGE influence on how you live your life.

Now the current moral and intellectual climate today is spiraling downwards out of control towards secularism. 

This is NOT the same world our parents grew up in anymore.
Just think about things like… 
  • Militant atheism is on the rise, ridiculing and attacking belief in God with a barrage of books and advertisements.
  • Prayer has been kicked out of schools. 
  • The Ten Commandments have been kicked out of public places. 
  • There is nearly a complete loss of any “sense of sin.” 
  • Liberal college professors smugly profess “God is dead.” 
  • Arrogant and cocky celebrities mock belief in God.
And to make matters worse... 
Most Christians have absolutely no idea how to combat the rising challenge of atheism.
Christians have to get serious about this issue. They have to speak up and get involved. 

It simply will not do to be uneducated, silent and ineffectual anymore.

That's precisely why I made THIS...
Atheist billboards like these are popping up all over the country...
Statistics show that a lot of people, especially the young, have been DUPED by atheistic propaganda...
It is the DUTY of every Christian to get proper training on how to deal with this problem. Every Christian today needs to know how to give an informed INTELLECTUAL response to atheism.

And that is exactly what this program is going to teach you.
The Complete Beginner's Guide To Proving The Existence Of God Through MORALITY Is Right Here...
How To Prove That God Exists: The Moral Argument For The Existence Of God
The Complete Beginner's Course To Proving That God Exists Through Morality
"New Easy To Follow Course Reveals Why Morality Is Incompatible With Atheism"
"The most powerful program of its kind on the market today"
Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide the beginning student with a learned and well-spoken explanation and defense of the traditional moral argument for the existence of God in an INTERESTING AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND way.  
Finally, An Easy-To-Follow, Sensible, And Articulate Course On One Of The Biggest Issues Of Our Day 
IMAGINE, once you complete this program you’ll be conversant and ready to intelligently discuss things like…
  • Why the existence of morality can show us that God exists 
  • How to correctly define a moral argument for the existence of God
  • Why the moral argument is one of the easiest arguments for God to understand
  • Why the moral argument for God is the most practical of reasons for believing in God
  • Why the moral argument for God is easier than other arguments
  • Why the moral argument for God is very relevant today
  • A historical overview of the moral argument and its chief proponents
  • How to understand the theological origins of law and order
  • How to think about the moral law
  • How moral laws are both like and unlike physical laws
  • How moral necessity differs from physical necessity
  • What the natural law is
  • How to formulate a very simple moral argument for the existence of God
  • Exactly why there needs to be a "compelling force" behind morality
  • The truth about moral obligation and why it is an indispensable element of morality
  • How we know moral obligation exists
  • The single most important thing you need to know about moral obligation
  • Why morality must be more than just self-interest
  • Why the forgotten concept of DUTY is a necessary ingredient of right and wrong
  • How to know that if God does not exist, all morality would denigrate down to human preference .
  • The nature of CONSCIENCE... what it is and why it's important...
  • Why our moral conscience is important for morality, but it is NOT sufficient
  • What St. Thomas Aquinas said about the binding power of conscience 
  • The critical importance of moral commands in morality
  • Why nobody can be morally obligated to do anything unless commands exist
  • Why the existence of moral commands is equivalent to the existence of a moral law
  • The truth about how we recognize moral duties
  • The real foundation for all human rights
  • The critical connection between moral obligation, commands, and the existence of an authoritative commander
  • How to prove that if God does not exist, then there is no moral obligation
  • Why morality can't come merely from other human beings
  • Why morality can't come merely from reason
  • Why morality can't come merely from human convention or society
  • Why God is the only satisfying explanation for the existence of morality
  • Modern myths exposed: The failure of atheism to account for morality
  • How to avoid common misunderstandings and confusions about the moral argument for God
  • How to understand the important difference between the order of knowing and the order of being
  • Why we should avoid the error of “voluntarism”
  • How to answer the most common objections to the moral argument
  • And much more...
A Brand New Course For Beginners On How
To Prove That God Exists
Every day, Christians are bullied and pushed around by those who deny moral truths and God's existence.

In this video course, Dr. Scott M. Sullivan lands a "one-two punch" on both relativism and atheism through the Moral Argument for God’s Existence.

You will learn how to answer objections such as "How do we know that moral truths are objective?” or “Why is God necessary for right and wrong?” or "Which God should we listen to?" 

Don’t wait to learn how to stand up against intellectual bullies and defend the truth!
This diagram represents the traditional Christian understanding of how all law and order originates in God. 

This is just one tiny example of the many important things you are going to learn from this course.
A Gold Mine Packed With Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About How Morality Leads Us To The Existence Of God
Imagine, sitting in your favorite chair with a favorite beverage and learning the truth about one of the most important ways we can know that God exists.
This program is perfect for all ages 16 and up and comes in a convenient and easy to use format.


There is so much information packed in here that just taking it once won't be enough to reap its full benefits. 

This is something you'll want to review and look over again and again.
Truths of The Faith Explained And Defended By A Name You Can Trust
This course will teach you the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and some of his followers, on the important connection between God and how our moral conscience is bound to do good and avoid evil.  

When you’re in good company like that, you can't go wrong.

We've taken his sometimes difficult thought and SIMPLIFIED, CONDENSED, and SUMMARIZED everything down to the bare essentials you need to know.
Thomas Aquinas is one of the greatest thinkers who has ever lived. While Aquinas did not explicitly formulate a moral argument for God, He did lay the groundwork for other thinkers to develop his ideas and form them into a solid case for God's existence.  

The ideas in this course represent a timeless, learned, and sensible tradition that has been handed down over the years and will never go away… 

This is where you get to feed your soul with a first-class thinker - all simplified and gathered into ONE place and without any great labor or expense .

And become a new intellectual soldier of the Church for the GLORY OF GOD and the ADVANCEMENT of the FAITH!
This program is an introductory level course in philosophy closely following the mind of St. Thomas Aquinas.

What many Catholics don't know is that St. Thomas is the MOST WIDELY RECOMMENDED theologian in the history of the Church. Centuries of papal praise of St Thomas tells us that St. Thomas' method is the right way to do theology and should serve as the standard for all Catholic theologians. That is why we follow his thought here.
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The Complete Beginner's Course To Proving That God Exists Through Morality
Made For Beginners. Clearly and  Simply Explained in Plain English
Well-suited for both TEENS and ADULTS - no previous experience needed.
  •   Clearly and simply explained
  •   No prior experience necessary
  •   Convenient and versatile
  •   Use it whenever you want it
  •   Take it anywhere
  •   Easy to follow
  •   Ready to go anytime you are
  •   Step-by-step lessons
  •   Fits your schedule
  •   Just listen and follow along
"An Indispensable Requirement For Every Christian In The Modern World"
Here's What All You Get:
This program comes with the complete set of video lessons that will guide you every step of the way.
  Get The Entire How To Prove That God Exists Through Morality Course On DVD 
This is NOT some old "boring professor" droning on and on in a monotone that will put you to sleep.

Taught in an energetic and engaging fashion, you will get all of the lessons in DVD format that totals to over two hours of material. 
Get all the lessons in "instant access" MP3 audio format so that you can learn while driving to work or going for a jog.
  Get The Entire How To Prove That God Exists Through Morality Course On AUDIO
Free Bonus: Get the whole course on AUDIO too.

Having the course on audio is GREAT for learning while you are on a drive, on a treadmill, or whatever other mindless background activity you might be doing.

By listening to this program you can turn any boring task into an exciting learning adventure.
This study guide follows the lessons and helps you learn the material in a professionally laid out visual format.
  The Complete How To Prove That God Exists Through Morality Study Guide
Available by instant download. Professionally formatted and laid out with helpful tips, highlighted key points, and easy to scan bullet points, this is the perfect companion to the lessons! 

This guide perfectly follows the lessons and assists you in learning the material.

Having the material in different formats like this helps to better accommodate different learning styles and increases comprehension and retention. 

With this helpful study guide, you'll be able to easily follow along with the lessons and take notes as you go. 
Become Knowledgeable And Articulate In The Most Important Things
Learning an important subject like this can help you in a number of ways.
  •  Help yourself, your family, and your friends all become stronger in their faith.
  •   Start your own study group at your church
  •  Gain important knowledge and skills you can use your whole life long
  •  Do your part to help make the world a better place.
  •  Feel good about yourself by gaining a whole new perspective on the universe.
  •  Help your unbelieving friends and family members see why belief in God is reasonable.
  • Pass this knowledge down as a treasure to later generations
  •  Help your kids better understand and defend their faith. 
  •  Enjoy the clear-headed thinking about the Christian faith that reassures, inspires, and gives you peace of mind 
Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan PhD
Dr. Scott M. Sullivan is a homeschooling father of 8 and holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX.
He is the producer of numerous video courses in the areas of logic, the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, philosophical arguments for the existence of God, the historical evidence for the Christan faith, various topics in Catholic theology, and others.

Dr. Sullivan is a popular speaker throughout the United States who speaks on topics like the importance of teaching children on how to intellectually defend their faith, the complementary relationship between faith and reason, the importance of training in classical logic, why the study of philosophy is everybody's business, and the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.
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How To Prove That God Exists: The Moral Argument For The Existence Of God
The Complete Beginner's Course On How Reason Shows That God Exists Through Morality And Why If God Does Not Exist, There Is No Morality At All
"The most powerful program of its kind on the market today"
The Complete Beginner's Course To Proving That God Exists Through Morality
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P.S. Why You Need This Course
Too many people today mock belief in God as “irrational” “silly” and just a bunch of “nonsense”.  Christians have a duty to meet this challenge head on. 

This beginner’s course on “How To Prove God That God Exists” through the moral law is a GREAT way for the beginner to get started doing just that. 

This course will coach you through one of the most popular arguments for the existence of God and get you up to speed on this very important topic.  Every order comes with the complete set of videos, audio files, a study guide to help you understand the material. 

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