Elementary apologetics for pulpit and pew by Rev. P.A. Halpin
Publisher: Aquinas School Of Theology And Philosophy Press

Description: Paperback, 142 pages.

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What you will learn from this book...
"The need for delivering solid apologetics is more urgent now than ever..."
Description: Even with years of training in philosophy or theology, finding a way to give an adequate and clear expression of the faith can be tough. Many pastors, priests, and lay ministers find the task of offering a coherent defense of the faith too difficult or abstract to preach on Sundays or in outreach settings. What a tragedy! 

The need for delivering solid apologetics to the faithful is more urgent now than it has been for a very long time. Reverend P.A. Halpin has a solution for you with his clear book Apologetica: Elementary Apologetics for Pulpit and Pew Drawing on his own experience as a preacher, he provides dozens of sermon outlines which give a powerful defense of the faith, not to mention profound practical insights. THIS should be required reading in every seminary.

From the Preface:  The chapters contained in these pages are an attempt to suggest a method of presenting the basic facts of Christianity in the light of reason alone.  As much as possible the arguments advanced make no appeal to divine revelation. They contain proofs drawn from natural resources only. They are an essay in the direction of sustaining that the teachings of religion are eminently reasonable. They are an endeavor to show that man, led solely by his reason, is compelled to admit that, of all the views entertained by mankind, that view alone is to be accepted which is upheld by Christianity, and especially by the Catholic Church.
Topics Covered Include:
  •  Why loyalty to the Church must include the whole life, will, and reason of man
  •  How sin and dishonest skepticism (doubt) lead to the ruin of faith
  •  Faith and its relationship to reason and reasonableness
  •  Ways in which reason is used by man
  •  Sophism and its most common expressions
  •  How prayer, an open mind, and HUMILITY ensure a faith which is strongly resistant to deception
  •  That unbelief is pure arrogance and a truly audacious, or fool-hearty, worldview
  •  Guidelines to protect one's faith
  •  Shipwrecking one's own faith and how to guarantee it!
  •  That man’s highest good is in the contemplation of God through the religious expression
  •  Why religious relativism is an absolutely ridiculous notion
  •  A refutation of arguments against the possibility of proving God’s existence
  •  Positive reasons to think that human reason can demonstrate the existence of God
  •  Aquinas first mover argument
  •  The design argument
  • A deeper understanding the nature of man’s soul
  • Ways in which we can know that mankind is qualitatively different than brute
  •  The in edibility of death and the soul’s survival of bodily death 
  •  Christ’s incarnation and TRUE Divinity and humanity 
  •  Why it is absurd to claim that Jesus is merely a human 
  •  The validity of the resurrection and what it means for us today 
  •  That our actions will be counted for or against us some day 
  •  The reality of Hell and how to go there  
  •  A moral argument for God’s existence 
  •  Why scientific discovers DO NOT disprove God’s existence or religion in general 
  •  How the problem of evil fails to disprove God’s existence 
  •  A systematic deconstruction of arguments AGAINST the existence of God 
  •  That God created the universe out of his own goodness 
  •  How God’s love for his creation is evident in the world around us 
  •  God, as the cause of all being, knows and loves His creatures more intimately than any created thing 

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