How To Prove The Catholic Church Is The One True Church Of Christ
(Even In Spite Of All The Scandals, Wicked Deeds And Other Disturbing Things Bad Catholics Do)
New Easy To Follow Course Teaches You How To Best Understand The Catholic Faith
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Ever since ancient times, people have wondered...
Where Can You Find The True Teaching Of Christ?
Millions of people all over the world acknowledge that Jesus Christ was who He claimed to be, a divine messenger sent by God to teach a doctrine of salvation that is obligatory on all men. 

Since Jesus was really God, then it is critical that we believe and follow everything that He teaches.

But just what are those doctrines that He taught?

Just what exactly did Jesus want us to believe?

It depends on who you ask!

The reason why is because...
Scandals in the Church: Scandals and wicked men in the Church have existed since the time of Judas. 

But none of this undermines the claim that the Catholic Church is still the one true Church of Christ.

In fact, the material in this course will show you why it is IRRATIONAL to leave (or not join) the Catholic Church just because of these problems.
There are literally thousands of Christian denominations out there
And all of these different denominations “claim” to give us the true “apostolic” teachings of Christ. 

They all “say” that Jesus taught this, and this doctrine is “Biblical” and that doctrine is not “Biblical” and so on. 

But here’s the problem…

But they all CONTRADICT each other
One Christian denomination will teach one thing, and the other denomination down the street will teach just the opposite.  And they all say their views are based "on the Bible".

But Christ doesn't teach contradictory doctrines!
So which one teaches the truth?
Learn The Evidence That Supports The Catholic Church: Most people have no idea how strong the Catholic Church’s claim is to being the one true Church of Christ

This program will teach you a simple, methodical, step-by-step method for demonstrating this claim.
This means that, according to the laws of logic, the majority of Christian churches are teaching false doctrines

There are millions of Christians seriously trying to be followers of Christ but they belong to different churches that teach contradictory doctrines. 

This can mean nothing else except that most Christians have been deluded, not by their own fault perhaps, but deluded nonetheless, into thinking they are really following the teachings of Christ when in fact they are not.
Most “pastors” and “shepherds” are teaching things that are not what Jesus himself actually taught.

To anyone who takes following Christ seriously, this is a matter of great importance.

That’s why I made this… 
The Question Of The One True Church Is One Of the Most Important Topics Of Our Day
Announcing A New Program On How To Explain and Defend The Catholic Faith:
The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Practical Way To  Prove That The Catholic Church Is The One True Church Of Christ Is Right Here… 
The One True Church
Why The Catholic Church Alone Is The One True Church Of Christ
The One True Church course contains over three hours of thought provoking, educational material on one of the most important doctrines of our time.
Purpose: The purpose of this program is to give the student a solid explanation and PROOF of the claim that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ that will last until the end of time.

 Only in the Catholic Church can one be “Christian” in the fullest sense of that term since only there can one get the complete set of teachings and sacraments Christ entrusted to his Church.
A Simple, Step-By-Step, Rational Case For Catholicism
  •   NO! The Catholic Church isn't evil just because there are bad people in it. There are bad people everywhere.
  •   NO! The presence of scandal and wicked men does NOT mean the Catholic Church isn't the true Church of Christ. Christ never promised all of his apostles would be sinless.
  •   NO! It is not reasonable to reject the Catholic Church just because some men have corrupted its teachings. That is irrational.
In fact there is one, and only ONE reason to be a Catholic... because it is TRUE
What Everybody Ought to Know About The Catholic Church
This program will teach you everything you need to knowLearn things like...
  • Discover why the Roman Catholic Church ALONE is the true Church of Christ 
  • The truth about why Christ established only ONE CHURCH 
  • The single most important thing you need to know about the Catholic Church
  • How to understand all the different meanings of the word “Church” and why it’s important
  • How to prove that Christ established a hierarchical Church
  • How to prove that Christ handed over authoritative power to the Apostles
  • How to decisively prove that the Apostles handed over power to their successors from the Bible
  • How to decisively prove that the Apostles handed over power to their successors from history
  • Why the Kingdom of God is not a democracy
  • The truth about the mission Christ gave to His apostles
  • What everyone needs to know about the perpetuity of the Church
  • Why we must think of Christ’s Church as MONARCHICAL and not a democracy
  • The three things you need to know that prove St. Peter is the head of Christ’s Church
  • That Christ made a promise of primacy to St. Peter alone
  • How to prove that Christ conferred the primacy on St. Peter
  • Why St. Peter is truly the “vicar of Christ” and why it’s important
  • That the other apostles had authority but were still subject to St. Peter
  • How to prove the perpetuity of the Church from the Old Testament
  • How to prove the perpetuity of the Church from the New Testament
  • Why the bishops succeed the Apostles by divine right
  • Why the authoritative hierarchy in the Church is perpetual
  • Learn a simple THREE STEP METHOD memorizing all of this material
This course will teach you all of this and a whole lot more...
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Made For Beginners. Clearly and  Simply Explained in Plain English
This course is made for beginners and is well-suited for Christian adults and teens with no previous experience.
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  •   No prior experience necessary
  •   Convenient and versatile
  •   Use it whenever you want it
  •   Take it anywhere
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  •   Fits your schedule
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Here's What All You Get:
The One True Church course contains over 3 hours of easy to follow lessons that comes in both an online MP3 format and a standard CD format playable in all regions. 
  Get The Whole Course On CD Audio 
This is NOT some old boring professor droning on and on in a monotone that will put you to sleep.

Dr. Sullivan is PASSIONATE about this topic and these videos show it.

Learn good reasons as to why we can know that the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Christ.

Taught in an energetic and engaging fashion, you will get all lessons totalling approximately three hours of material in a CD format.
Get all the lessons in a MP3 audio format so that you can learn while driving to work or going for a jog.
   Get The Whole Course On MP3 Audio
Want to follow the course on your phone? No problem! That's why we have included the entire course for you in audio mp3 format.

Having the course on audio is GREAT for learning while you are on a drive, on a treadmill, or whatever other mindless background activity you might be doing.

That's why we are also including all of the lessons here in a mp3 format so that you can take it with you wherever you go and turn any boring task into an exciting learning adventure.
Become Knowledgeable And Articulate In The Most Important Things
Learning an important subject like this can help you in a number of ways.
  •  Help yourself, your family, and your friends all become stronger in their faith.
  •   Start your own study group at your church
  •  Gain important knowledge and skills you can use your whole life long
  •  Do your part to help make the world a better place.
  •  Feel good about yourself by gaining a whole new perspective on the universe.
  •  Help your unbelieving friends and family members see the evidence for the Catholic Church.
  • Pass this knowledge down as a treasure to later generations
  •  Help your kids gain the edge against any skeptics that will challenge them later in life. 
  •  Enjoy the clear-headed thinking about the Catholic faith that reassures, inspires, and gives you peace of mind 
Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan PhD
Dr. Scott M. Sullivan has taught philosophy and logic at various universities and is the founder of Classical Theist productions; a company devoted to resurrecting the best ideas of the classic Christian tradition and bringing them into the modern world through convenient and accessible course materials. 

Dr. Sullivan is the author of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Principle of Sufficient Reason  and An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a text widely used in numerous universities and seminaries. 

Dr. Sullivan has also discussed the importance of Aquinas’ thought on EWTN television and several nationally syndicated radio programs.
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Proof That Sound Reasoning Leads To The Catholic Church
The One True Church
Why The Catholic Church Alone Is The One True Church Of Christ
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Why Courses Like These Are So Important
Today, more than ever, Catholics need to step up to the plate and learn what they believe and why they believe it! 

It’s a fact of life now that uninformed, “blind-faith” anti-intellectual Christianity will NOT survive the intellectual onslaught and criticism of our modern secular age

Take the time to invest in the important things and defend what you love. Feed your soul with clearheaded ideas from the past masters and learn why we can know that there is only ONE true church of Christ. 
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