The Theology Of Hell And Damnation
A Defense Of The Traditional Christian Doctrine Of Hell
New Easy To Follow Course Teaches You How To Understand The Doctrine of Hell
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Ever since the beginning of human existence, people have wondered...
What Will Happen To Us After We Die?
One of the most prevalent errors today is a mindless optimism about human salvation. 

Everybody assumes that either hell doesn't exist, or that it doesn't really matter because "everyone is going to heaven anyway".

Most “believers” run around with watered down, sugary, “feel good” versions of Christianity in their heads, a trivialized Christianity stripped of all its uncomfortable teachings.

They think that God is good and merciful, salvation is easy, and so there’s really nothing to fear about hell.
But Is This Really True?
But Jesus Christ never said hell doesn't exist. He never said salvation was easy either.

On the contrary, Christ repeatedly said HELL DOES EXIST and that we need to fear God who can punish both body and soul in Hell (Mt 10:28). 

He even said "many" will be lost.

So to just take it for granted that practically "everyone is saved" breeds laxity about religion.

It breeds a dangerous tendency to be indifferent and “easy going” about one’s salvation.

The truth is that Jesus Christ taught that Hell exists, that it is eternal, and that "many" are in danger of being sent there forever. 

This is PRECISELY...
The existence of hell is and always will be one of the most important questions of all timeJesus Christ clearly warned us about hell. But hardly anyone takes these warnings of Christ seriously anymore. 
This program is a graduate level course in Catholic theology and taught according to the mind of St. Thomas Aquinas. However, since the doctrine of hell is common to Christians of nearly all denominations,  the material covered in this program will be beneficial for them as well.
Why The Doctrine of Hell Is One Of The Most Important Topics Of All Time
Announcing A New Video On How To Explain and Defend The Traditional Doctrine Of Hell:
The Theology Of Hell And Damnation
A Defense Of The Traditional Christian Doctrine Of Hell
The Theology Of Hell And Damnation course contains two hours of thought provoking, educational material on one of the most important Christian doctrines of all time.
Purpose: The purpose of this course is to restore a healthy fear of the Lord by explaining and defending the classic Christian doctrine of Hell.

This program will teach you how to defend three main points: that Hell exists, that Hell is eternal, and that the classical theological opinion, that the majority of humanity will be damned, is probably true.
  • Why The Doctrine of Hell Is The Most Important Topic Of All Time
  • What Is The Nature of Hell? 
  • What Are The Pains Of Hell?
  • Why the souls in Hell experience the greatest of all losses.
  • The Nature Of Hell Fire
  • Where Is Hell?
  • Can There Be Any Proof That Hell Exists? Yes!
  • Theological Proof Of The Existence Of Hell
  • Jesus Christ Taught That Hell Exists
  • The Disciples Of Christ Teach That Hell Exists
  • The Teaching Of The Church Fathers Confirms That Hell Exists
  • The Teaching of The Church Confirms That Hell Exists
  • How Reason Supports The Theological Claim That Hell Exists
  • “God is merciful and would never send someone to Hell.”
  • “But if God wants everyone to be saved, how can the will of God be thwarted?”
  • “Most people are in a state of innocent ignorance and therefore are not culpable for their sins.”
  • “God is Love, He could not tolerate Hell”
  • “If I were God I wouldn’t send anyone to Hell.”
  • “I would not condemn my own worst enemy to Hell. God cannot be more merciful than I am!”
  • “It is not just to demand an eternal punishment for finite crimes.”
  • Why did God make souls He knew would be damned?
  • “Hell serves no purpose.”
  • “But you are putting a limit on God’s mercy.”
  • Why Getting To Heaven Is Hard, But Going To Hell Is Easy
  • “How could someone be happy in Heaven if they know a loved one is in Hell?”
  • But couldn’t God have just created people directly in Heaven?
  • Even If Hell Exists, Why Should We Think It Is Eternal?
  • Why The Eternity Of Hell Has Been Revealed By God
  • Why both apokatastasis and annihilationism are false 
  • Why An Eternal Hell Is Just And Not Opposed To God’s Mercy: The Teaching Of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • From The Side Of God: The Infinite Offense Argument
  • From The Side Of The Sinner: The Guilt Remains Forever Therefore The Punishment Remains Forever Argument
  • Why The Punishments of Hell Are Justifiably Eternal Two Times Over
  • Even If Hell Exists, And It Is Eternal, Why Should We Think Very Many People Actually Go There?
  • Why The Importance of This Topic Cannot Be Overstated: The Problem Of Religious Laxity
  • Thesis: The evidence from Scripture and reason show that the majority are damned is the more probable option.
  • The Argument From Faith: Why Scripture Teaches The Majority Will Be Damned
  • The Teaching of Jesus Christ
  • The Teaching Of The Disciples Of Christ: The New Testament Epistles
  • The Teaching of Old Testament Typology
  • The Teaching Of The Greatest Saints and Theologians
  • Pope Leo XIII on the authority of the Church Fathers
  • Why Common Experience Verifies The Teachings of Christ and The Great Theologians That The Majority Will Be Damned
  • And more...
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Made For Beginners. Clearly and  Simply Explained in Plain English
This course is made for beginners and is well-suited for Christian adults and teens with no previous experience.
  •   Clearly and simply explained
  •   No prior experience necessary
  •   Convenient and versatile
  •   Use it whenever you want it
  •   Take it anywhere
  •   Easy to follow
  •   Ready to go anytime you are
  •   Step-by-step lessons
  •   Fits your schedule
  •   Just watch and follow along
Here's What All You Get:
The Theology of Hell And Damnation contains 8 easy to follow lessons that comes in  both an online format along with a standard DVD format playable in all regions.  The DVD version comes with 2 DVDs that contain all lessons.
  Get The Whole Course On DVD Video 
This is NOT some old boring professor droning on and on in a monotone that will put you to sleep.

Dr. Sullivan is PASSIONATE about this topic and these videos show it.

Learn good reasons as to why hell exists, why it is justifiably eternal, and why we should think that many are in danger of going there for all eternity.

Taught in an energetic and engaging fashion, you will get all eight video lessons totaling approximately two hours of material in a DVD format.
Get all the lessons in a MP3 audio format so that you can learn while driving to work or going for a jog.
   Get The Whole Course On MP3 Audio
Don't have time to watch all of the videos? No problem! That's why we have included the entire course for you in audio mp3 format.

Having the course on audio is GREAT for learning while you are on a drive, on a treadmill, or whatever other mindless background activity you might be doing.

That's why we are also including all of the lessons here in a mp3 format so that you can take it with you wherever you go. 

Download these files and put them on your phone or other device and turn any boring task into an exciting learning adventure.
This study guide follows the videos and helps you learn the material in a professionally laid out visual format..
  The Theology of Hell and Damnation Study Guide
Available by instant download. Professionally formatted and laid out with helpful tips, highlighted key points in the margins, and easy to scan bullet points, this is the perfect companion to the video lessons! 

This guide perfectly follows the videos and assists you in learning the material.

Having the material in different formats like this helps to better accommodate different learning styles and increases comprehension and retention. 

With this helpful study guide, you'll be able to easily follow along with the videos and take notes as you go. 
Become Knowledgeable And Articulate In The Most Important Things
Learning an important subject like this can help you in a number of ways.
  •  Help yourself, your family, and your friends all become stronger in their faith.
  •   Start your own study group at your church
  •  Gain important knowledge and skills you can use your whole life long
  •  Do your part to help make the world a better place.
  •  Feel good about yourself by gaining a whole new perspective on the universe.
  •  Help your unbelieving friends and family members see the evidence for hell.
  • Pass this knowledge down as a treasure to later generations
  •  Help your kids gain the edge against any atheists that will challenge them later in life. 
  •  Enjoy the clear headed thinking about the Christian faith that reassures, inspires, and gives you peace of mind 
Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan PhD
Dr. Scott M. Sullivan has taught philosophy and logic at various universities and is the founder of Classical Theist productions; a company devoted to resurrecting the best ideas of the classic Christian tradition and bringing them into the modern world through convenient and accessible course materials. 

Dr. Sullivan is the author of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Principle of Sufficient Reason  and An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a text widely used in numerous universities and seminaries. 

Dr. Sullivan has also discussed the importance of Aquinas’ thought on EWTN television and several nationally syndicated radio programs.
As Seen On:
The Theology Of Hell And Damnation
A Defense Of The Traditional Christian Doctrine Of Hell
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Why Courses Like These Are So Important
Today, more than ever, Christians need to step up to the plate and learn what they believe and why they believe it! 

It’s a fact of life now that uninformed, “blind-faith” anti-intellectual Christianity will NOT survive the intellectual onslaught and criticism of our modern secular age

Take the time to invest in the important things and defend what you love. Feed your soul with clearheaded ideas from the past masters and learn why we can know that hell exists, why it is justifiably eternal, and why many are in danger of going there. 
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